Hi friends, in this article, I will be discussing the 7 Assets That Make You Financially free.

Earn with your mind and not with your time, as you will run out of time soon. This means that you need to earn money with the help of your senses and not by selling your time. As we know, some people run for every penny throughout their lives and still cannot become rich. 

And still, some people earn and become rich at a very young age. And after that upcoming generation of him lives in surplus ever.

Now the fundamental question is, what is the reason behind it?

To explain this in detail, let’s create two characters named Aman and Mithun.

Aman worked for MNC and earned around 50 k per month, but after paying all EMI and expenses, he hardly had any money left for him as savings. 

Every day, he wakes up with positive emotions, goes to his office, works throughout the day, and returns home with Zero energy. 

And that is the reason he is not able to give any time to his children and wife. And that is the prime reason he only relaxes on weekends and doesn’t do any productive work, which can help him increase his overall skill set. 

On the other hand, we have Mithun, who didn’t do any work but still gets 50 k in his bank account every month, and that is why he thinks of starting a new business, and if his business gets successful, he will become more affluent. 

Now that is the reason why rich people become more prosperous with time; the poor will become poorer with time. 

In this article, I will tell you seven Assets that all rich person possesses, and they continuously keep on investing them and become richer with time. 

Before continuing, I would like to inform you that I invest in all these assets and will keep investing in them for my whole life.

This is not a piece of financial advice but recommended financial education article.  

And yes, all these assets work on compounding principles. 

So please go through the complete article as this will surely help you in your financial freedom.

7 Assets That Make You Financially Free

So the number one asset is:


7 Assets That Make You Financially free

About 300 years ago, someone very successful person said that “invest in your mind. It pays the best dividend.” 

We all know that by investing Rs 200 in a book, you can generate ideas worth millions, which I Have experienced live in my life.

We have seen poor people’s mindset where they think once they have graduated, their education ends, whereas rich people know once after graduation, their real education starts.

So if you are thinking that once you become rich, you will start learning about finances, then please rest assured that this will never happen. Because with the help of financial education you will become rich. 

That’s why people say that even if you take all the money from warren buffet, he will become a millionaire in no time, and within a year or so, he will again become super-rich as he has invested maximum in his mind throughout all these years.

He can become a portfolio or hedge fund manager, and people will pay him to manage their funds. He can quickly get billion-dollar, and even if he charges 1%, he can soon become a millionaire. 

So the truth is you can become wealthy if you have invested wisely in your brain. 

We have seen in the past also that some of the people who have won lotteries eventually become poor after some time as they had never invested time in educating financial literacy. They never realize that the most critical asset of your life is your brain. 


7 Assets That Make You Financially free

If you google the top wealthy person in the world, you will find the list of rich people and the business which they are doing. Warren Buffet, Mukesh Ambani, Elon Musk, each of the person have their businesses.

To start a business, we need to have an idea of money and a lot of courage, but in today’s scenario, doing business has become much easier than before.

In the past, we used to invest our own money than manage our own business. Still, in today’s scenario, you will be getting a lot of private investors or Angel investors who are ready to support you financially if you can convince them with your viable idea.

You can go to a site like Mumbai Angels and list your startup there. After this, they may contact you and understand your business, and if they find the idea suitable, they may invest you in your industry. 

These Angel investors are successful businessmen who will advise you in all your management decisions like hiring, firing, firing, finance, etc.

Suppose that even if your business fails, you will lose only the minimum investments. Still, you will learn a lot from it. But if the company goes well, then there is no limit in the upside potential.

Invest in Stocks:

If you do not want to invest in the business, you can invest in stocks as investing in stocks is directly investing in a company. For this, you need to go through my other articles Everything About Stock Market – FINANCE-BHARAT ( 

So again, reiterating if you cant start your own business, then invest in some successful business and become a partner by buying stocks of that company and becoming wealthy by applying to compound. 


Invest in Equity Funds:

So now, if you don’t want to start your business and don’t want to buy stocks, you can also become wealthy by investing in Equity funds.

In this type of fund, you will get a readymade portfolio of stocks where chances of losses in the long term are minimal. Suppose you are still unsure which equity funds to invest in.

In that case, you can invest in the Indian economy by investing in Sensex and nifty by investing regularly with a small amount through SIP. 


Real estate:

Here I would like to talk about a second home or commercial property which you can use for renting or reselling at higher rates. Buying your own home by paying huge EMI and maintaining it at an early age will give a severe blow to your financial goals.

Your own home is an asset or liability. I will answer this question in some other articles, but if you take my advice, the best investment in real estate is a commercial property like a shop or office space, etc.

You need to buy in a good location, and you can retire with its rental income, but the only problem is it requires a considerable sum of money which is not available with most beginners.

So the best solution is to start with stocks and mutual funds, and when it grows big enough, you can then diversify in real estate. But if you have taken a loan at the start of your career of 25 years, you will struggle to get your financial freedom early. 

Hedging Commodities: 

Next, we have gold, silver, and oil, etc. There are two special features with these assets: 

  1. Their correlation with the stock market is the opposite. Mean if the stock market goes down, the prices of these commodities go up. In case of recession when the stock market crashes, this will give us proper hedging against our stock investment.
  2. These assets do not affect inflation. These assets maintain their value. 


One of the most critical assets we should build in our life is people. You should be connected with successful people. We know the proverb that “You are average of all your friends” The way your friend will behave and act will give you direction to move.

Also, these days if you have someone with a good connection, that person will get the opportunity more than anyone else. This is a harsh truth, but yes, it’s 100% correct. You can get enormous opportunities if you are with people with high contact and values. 

This was all about these articles. I hope you have liked it. 

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