Stock Market In India

Everyone likes to earn money from the Stock market in India, and for that, we do every possible thing. So my question is, how can we make money from this market. 

What are the best practices we can follow that will increase our chances of success in this market?

In this article, I will discuss the three most important things to 

  1. What unfair practices, if we follow that, will give us severe losses.
  2. We will discuss daily media lies which they spread daily.
  3. We will discuss three rules which will help us to earn great money in the stock market.

Before investing in shares, people will guide us to take proper precautions. They will tell us to look at GDP growth; Economy growth also asks us to look at RBI interest rates, or at times they ask to check the unemployment rate.

The point is that no one has so much time with them to research all sorts of topics before investing in stocks. 

And even if you have invested your time in researching all these things, you will also not get any results, which means you won’t be able to decide which share to buy and vice versa.

So my question is, is it worth investing so much time in this.

We see on television that there are so-called experts who give us 24/7 advice on which share to pick and which not to choose. They will keep on debating on meaningless topics that whether Nifty will close at 10500 or 10650.

Stock Market In India
Stock Market In India

How will the monsoon be this year, whether the petrol diesel rate directly impacts the stock market? How the rate of pulses can create volatility in the market. 

They will discuss that how inflation is changing the stock market. 

Every decision will lead to a conclusion whether we have to buy a particular share or not.

But even after this, you will never be able to get the help required to win this market.

Over the day, they might take a topic like where will be the resistance of Nifty. Some of the experts will say that they think that there is strong resistance at 10650, but let’s suppose the market fall by more than 200 points on that day and come down to 10500 then surprisingly the so-called expert will come out with hundred new reasons that why the market has fallen by more than 200 points. 

My question to them is that if they know 100 reasons why the market has fallen, why can’t they advise before it has lost. What is the use of getting info which will not help anyone?

My sincere advice to all my readers is that never, in the influence of these so-called experts, you buy or sell any stocks because this is their job to come on TV and talk 24/7. They are getting paid for this, and the TV channel gets public and ad revenue. 

The sad part is that nobody bothers to give honest advice to help the investors in the long term. 

Some experts will read that complex charts, and they will just like a magician will predict where NIFTY will move next day. In my view, this is just a show-off, and also they wanted to install a belief in your mind that without their support you cannot enter this market.

The truth of the matter is nobody knows where the market will move in the coming days. But by portraying themselves as an expert, they wanted you to be dependent on them.

Just think for a minute by doing this; they are getting a hell of amount of benefits from you as they know that they.

Another false propaganda is that if the economy does well, the stock market will also do better. This thing they keep on telling us through different channels that country is growing. International money is getting invested in India. Everything is going good so stock will go up. 

But if you observe and see history, then whatever claims that are said is precisely the opposite.

Look at the example of 2009 when the share market plunged to almost half; the reason was subprime crises, unemployment, etc. 

But just after that stock market started to improve drastically even though the state of the economy, unemployment, political conditions were all not good. There were a lot of movements against corruption going on in the country. Still, for the next few years, the market has given a decent return.

Now the reason for this is when the economy goes down stock market falls, and with this, every good or bad share started selling at cheaper rates, and this is the time to buy some good shares at more affordable rates.

When everything in the market is good, and everywhere you see, you only see growth at that time stock market becomes very expensive, and buying any stock at that time may be fatal if the market crashes after that.

So whenever media and other news channels advise you to invest money, think about why they recommend it. 

The reason is simple media is getting money to advertisements from rich guys who want you to invest now to exit at this rate. These are brilliant people. They know in and out of this market. So whenever the market is costly, they want to sell their shares, which is why they take the help of the media in spreading the idea of getting a better return in the market. So the retail investors like us invest in this market. We will buy that expensive share, and these intelligent people sell them and book their profit. 

On the other hand, when the market crashes, these media companies will start running a campaign that we should not invest in the market in these situations.

In these situations, the market and prices of stocks are at a minimum. 

And smart players always wait for this time as they buy in bulk. And these intelligent players always want retail investors to be out of the market by selling their shares in a panic situation. This will create again help they need to be cheaper as selling will only help these smart players to get the best buying rates. 

That’s the reason why listening to the mainstream media will prove a disaster for a retail investor like us. Just think for a second if earning profit from the market was so easy that anyone can listen and reading the business newspaper can get the benefits, then the whole nation would be only doing this thing to earn money.

We need to understand that just like normal new channels show us some unusual news like unnecessary floods or fake terrorist attacks or any other propaganda which is far from reality to run their news channel.

In the same way, business news channels are using fake propaganda to tell their viewer that the market may collapse tomorrow or the day after that to run their programs.  They need eyeballs and nothing else. 

You should not bother about them, but you should focus on three pieces of advice I am giving you right now in this article.

  • Buy share when the market is going down. Everyone is in the panic stage to sell their share.
  • Sell your share when the market is going up when this so-called news expert is reporting that the market is good and everyone should enter the market.
  • Never buy any penny stocks. They are called penny stocks because they don’t have any value. Also, be at a safe distance from future options and currency stocks. Only buy stocks that have solid fundamentals.

I hope you got a fair idea of the Stock Market In India.

Also, very soon, I will be writing an article to educate you all on how we should select which stocks to buy.

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