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Welcome to my blog. Today, we will talk about the book The Science of Getting Rich, written by Wallace Wattles.

This book was written in 1910, and it changed the lives of millions of people. Even after the passing of so many years, the importance of this book hasn’t reduced even today.

This book inspired several other writers, such as “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, Law of Attraction.

The author of this book was born in America, and in his early days had to go through periods of significant stress, poverty and failures. 

He finally decided to change his life. In his words, if you do not choose to become wealthy, prosperous, and healthy, then you have unknowingly chosen to become poor, unsuccessful, and sick. 

According to the author, this book is for every woman or man who wants to be rich.

This book is divided into 16 chapters. In every chapter, the author conveys in simple language messages that could change our life entirely.

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Chapter One

The Right to be Rich:

Living a successful life without money is not only challenging but also impossible. Constant development is the essential aspect of our life, and without money, our mental, physical and spiritual development is impossible.

Therefore, it is essential to know the Science of becoming rich in present times.

There is no greater sin in this world than satisfying for less than your worth. Why be satisfied with less when you can achieve great success. The desire to become rich is essential for the development of body, mind, and soul. Besides bread, clothes, and houses, freedom from hard work, good education, and other entertainment tools are essential for mind and soul.

And when you are poor, you cannot satisfy these three.

Therefore, to be rich is our first duty. First of all, you should aspire to become rich; then you need to study Science to fulfill it.

Chapter Two

There is a Science of getting rich.

The author says that, like mathematics and physics, richness also has a rule. Anyone can become rich by learning and following them. The continuous effort with a fixed working system leads to wealth. People who inadvertently follow this become rich, while the rest remain poor. No matter how hard they work. 

Becoming rich is not the result of a particular environment or profession. 

Even richness is not concerned with intelligence, special abilities, and talent greatly. Often, very talented people work for less talented ones. 

Richness doesn’t mean collecting money from the poor and people. It is essential to work on a method to become rich continuously.  

If you look carefully, you will find few rich and more poor people in the world; the question can be asked whether the path of becoming wealthy is difficult?

Not, because nature has already given us all the necessary qualities to become rich, whether you are intelligent, talented, foolish, unhealthy, strong, and weak, all type of people has become wealthy. If someone from your city can become rich, then you can also become rich. You will only perform when you put your hand into the work you are interested in. 

If your neighbor is more successful in the same business, then the difference lies in the functioning of both of you. 

If you want to be rich, then you have to adopt The functioning of your neighbor.

Chapter Three: 

Is opportunity monopolized?

No individual has a monopoly on money. Nature does not prevent anyone from taking advantage of the opportunity. 

Be it king or beggar, rich or poor, servant or possessor. Nature gives everyone equal opportunities to move forward. Their bosses impoverish servants, neither by pressing them nor through big business, but their functioning, thinking, attitude make them poor, opposed to the Science of richness.

Chapter Four

The First Principle in the Science of getting rich:

Our brain is the center of thoughts where thoughts are born. Everything we make is first created in the brain.  

It is impossible to develop any kind without thinking. So far, all our jobs are done by manual labor. Any construction, conversion, or transformation is done this way only.

We have not yet thought about our thoughts that how to create something shapeless. We are still dependent on nature for all our needs.

To think about construction without manual labor, it is necessary to focus on fundamental facts-

Everything is formed from thought. It is the fundamental substance present everywhere, in different shapes and forms, invisible and invisible structures.

Objects are made from an idea that has been born from the element. The human mind can get desired results through its thoughts.

By doing your favorite tasks, you start thinking about what you like to believe.

This is the first rule of wealth. We can think of everything we want to believe. 

This is the greatest gift of God to man. But thinking about the invisible, i.e., future, is more complex than thinking about the present.

Planning is complicated because it is elementary to agree with what is visible while thinking about the future. That’s why most people run away from it.

It is easy to accept what is visible in front of us. Whatever we see becomes part of our thinking. On the contrary, planning your work and working to make it come true is difficult.

Only think and know what you want to get, do not think about what you do not wish to. Avoid going to such religious places where it is taught that wealth is the root of all evils.

Stay away from books, magazines that lead you away from your goal.

Have faith in these facts, and without any argument and debate, follow them, and include them in your habit. 

Chapter Five

Increasing Life:

Expansion is a rule of life. Each living substance seeks a continuous expansion for itself. And this expansion continues forever until the end of life.

Our brain also likes expansion. Each thought gives rise to a new idea. 

It is our right to expect more from nature. God wants you to be rich too.

You can also help God in this task. Nature wants you to achieve everything you want to achieve. Naturally, everything belongs to you; first, accept this truth.

Your objective should not be motivated by selfishness; the happiness of everyone should inspire it.

Your goal should be to sustain your physical, mental, and spiritual level on a high level.

This is the right way to live. Naturally, we all specialize in this art. 

Living a short, abusive, and meaningless life is like living like an animal.

Excessive selfishness and dedication are the major roadblocks to success. God wants your sacrifice, do not trust such orthodox things.

God only wants you to do your best so that you can help other people as well. You have to be rich to perform at your best. Stay away from snooping, jealousy, and competition.

Do not argue excessively. Do not cheat anyone for personal interest.

Do not work for anyone, especially when you receive less value than your qualification.

Do not look at someone’s property with contempt. Stay away from helpless trends as far as possible. God has given more to any person; it is not valid. We all have the same abilities.

You should become a producer, not a competitor, then you will get everything you want to achieve, and in this process, you will benefit from all the people associated with you.

All the powers are ready to make you rich. But the question is, are you ready?

Chapter Six-

How Riches Come to You?

A customer cannot be given more value than the price, but a more functional and higher quality item can be delivered.

Helping people becomes much easier for you when you focus on creating something, not competition.

Then you stop fighting with others and start competing with yourself.

This method is the most simple. Anything can be attained through solid willpower.

Provided that in your wish, there is something beneficial to others as well.

You don’t need to panic, be shy, or hesitate to wish for more. According to Isha Christ, Whatever you ask for, will be given to you, a gate will be opened for you upon knocking, and the path will be shown to you upon searching for it.

Whatever we need more in life, the essential elements work to send it and will always do.

Hopes, aspirations, and expectations are God’s blessings. They are infinite like God, so only God can fulfill them.

Then why to hesitant to expect more? Most people are victims of misconceptions. People believe that God can be pleased by living a life of poverty and sacrifice.

They consider poverty as a game of destiny created by God. 

But this isn’t true.

Chapter Seven-


If we use a grateful approach, then the process of controlling and balancing the brain to set a goal can be made possible and straightforward.

First of all, you have to believe that all types of activities start with intelligent elements. The second element is the source for fulfillment of your everyday desires.

And third is the way to reconcile with it by expressing gratitude. Poor people lack appreciation. They say that God has done a great injustice to them by keeping them poor.

By saying this, they interrupt the program prepared by God for them.

All the things that come to you today come through a predetermined path.

Your gratitude increases this pace and opens up more avenues for you to access heights, which is essential. Appreciation also protects your brain from harmful thoughts.

The lack of consistency ingratitude leads to a feeling of mistrust.

The moment this feeling arises in mind, everything starts to collapse.

 When you focus on poverty and helplessness, your brain starts preparing the feelings related to them and transfers them to you.

You start attracting people matching your feelings. A grateful mind always gives rise to positive thoughts. It is programmed for good results; therefore, it always offers profitable results.

To fulfill your purpose, you have to make a habit of showing gratitude for everything, good and bad situations. So do not waste your time on negative topics.

A unique plan of God has been working for you already to get us wherever we are today.

Therefore, instead of refuting his plan, we should assume that God is right and wants our good.

Chapter Eight-

Thinking in a certain way

To get what you want, you have to program your brain for it; only then will your brain transmit the related waves.

Many people are not able to do this because they already expect results.

They are always in a dilemma about their wishes. In such a situation, that thought fails to convey its message to the element.

When you start working on your thoughts with distrust and doubt, you have already ensured your failure.

Always think big. Start experiencing your future in the present.

Keep an eye on your goal, and in moments of leisure, continuously nurture your thoughts. In such a situation, your brain starts to vibrate.

Some particular types of waves start emitting in it. Like Alauddin, everything is in your hands.

You just have not to let yourself be a Sheikhchilli. Identifying your dream should be your first goal, as well as the belief that you can make it come true.

Chapter Nine-

How to use willpower?

Willpower can help you a lot to become rich. Use your will for yourself, not for others, even if it is good for them.

Use your willpower to think in a particular direction and to achieve your goal.

Do not spread your thoughts in ten different directions. The deeper your faith and purpose will be, the faster you will achieve success.

If you want to be rich, it is not necessary to study poverty.

By going in the opposite direction, we cannot make dreams come true.

We cannot recover by talking about illness; we cannot earn virtue by thinking about sin. Do not waste your time in organizations that speak of charity or religion and the complete eradication of poverty.

Only by trying to become rich can you fight poverty. The poor don’t need mercy or begging but inspiration.

If you want to help the poor, you first become rich, then allow the poor to become rich.

Chapter Ten-

Further use of the will

It is useless to expect a person’s dream to come true, who goes opposite his dream and works in the opposite direction.

Do not think about the troubles or struggles of yesterday. Do not repeatedly express the difficulties of your ancestors.

Because when you do this, your brain will start to suffer from bad feelings.

As a result, it slows down the speed of your positive thoughts, which you would never want.

Take time to learn good things. Stay away from people who give disappointing information.

God has planted the seed of success in your mind, nourished it with positive thoughts, protected it from the negative all day and night, created an environment for it to grow in the right direction.

To reach the peak of success is the greatest goal of everyone’s life.

It is against the laws of nature to try to become rich through the path of competition, but we should bring creative ideas so that everything changes. You just have to stick to your dream.

Chapter Eleven-

Acting in a particular way

Your thought is a driving force that produces creative energy and gives us desired results.

Thinking about your dream can only encourage you, but this will not work; if the necessary efforts are not made to realize it, your plan can die too.

So far, humans have not progressed so much that they can build things only by thinking.

Therefore, ideas require our efforts so that desired results can be achieved.

Work on your idea correctly; only then will you be able to make your dream come true.

When you realize this, things come to you themselves, but the ability to accept them will only come when you work on that.

Otherwise, things will pass through your eyes, and you will see them and keep rubbing your hands.

You should try them immediately. Do not postpone your efforts by thinking that you are not in the right business or environment.

Give your best to focus on the present. Do not waste your time by being angry about the past. Do not waste your energy and time by thinking about the future.

Do not expect everything to be elusive or mysterious. Do not wait for the time or environment to change.

Chapter Twelve

Efficient Action

You will progress only when you stop wishing and start working because if there is a lack of effort, your desire for more is futile.

The whole world is going today due to the efforts of those who expect more.

Get into the habit of working as much as possible. Those who postpone today’s tasks to tomorrow ensure their failure in the future.

Upon trying with total dedication, many powers become active in the direction of success. 

You may not get results according to your efforts, but do not ignore the small steps knowing this. Both small and significant efforts are essential.

It is not important how much work you have done so far, but it is essential how much work you have done efficiently.

The work done efficiently gives you success, achieving the desired success by working efficiently throughout life.

Most people fail to establish the synergy between mental and physical powers; they think something and do something else. 

Right or wrong, whatever you think, both require power, so why not use it in the right direction. 

As a result, 100% success will be in your hands. Once you have success, you can open many other doors that. 

Chapter Thirteen

Getting into Right Business

To handle any task successfully or do any job, you need special attention for dedication and skills.

It is often impossible to complete a task without skill. Your perfection provides the ability to finish your work successfully, but you don’t need to become rich through it.

The world is full of people who are fully engrossed in their work, but still, they are not rich.

It is not harmful to be efficient in your work, but it is essential to use your skills in the right direction.

Your brain is the best gift given to you by God; with its proper use, you can quickly become rich with any business. Your success is sure in any industry where you put your body, mind, and all abilities.

You can be successful in any business, even if you are not an expert in it. 

Even if you are entirely new to it, it can be done by learning it.

But it is easier to succeed in the business of your interest.

Doing favorite things is another name of life. Desire is a sign of power.

Complete each of your tasks with perfection. Both unnecessary delay and hurry will put you in trouble.

Chapter Fourteen

The Impression of Increase:

Nature also likes abundance. The message of God is also related to quantity. Every living thing on this earth has the same desire, that is abundance.

Interruption means to die. According to Jesus Christ, more will be given to those who need more but will be withdrawn from satisfied ones.

Wishing more wealth is not a sin; it is an aspect of abundance in life. Hoping for the lot is the voice of our soul. Motivate every person you meet to move towards abundance.

Feel that you are moving quickly towards success; at the same time, you are also helping thousands of people in achieving success.

Make yourself so positive that anyone who comes in contact with you feels essential and positive for themselves.

Don’t use people for your benefit. Do not deceive people, nor try to fool them.

Do not try to control others, nor let someone else control you.

Make your destiny yourself. Stay away from competition, and remember Jones’s Golden Rule, which says, treat others the way you want them to treat you.

Chapter Fifteen

The Advancing Man

Do not forget the principle of richness in your job. Your boss will be happy with your work and help you get success.

Remember that an employee who works with hard work and honesty is the most incredible wealth of his boss. Therefore he should work where his boss wants and not where he wants.

Keep your success in mind, strengthen your decision, and keep making efforts in a specific direction.

Start encouraging all the people you come in contact with. 

There is no industrial, political or economic situation that can stop you from moving forward.

Your success will find its way; you just have to give it direction.

While moving in the direction of richness, do not miss the opportunities on the way.

Opportunities are connected. Because their connections are invisible, it is hard to guess which occasion will bring first success for you.

When you are determined to get success, then the responsibility of God is to make you reach the universe. You just continue your efforts.

Chapter Sixteen

Some cautions and concluding observations

Whether you belong to any country, caste, place, or society, you can become rich at any time by walking on the path that takes you there.

Your becoming rich will not only be a matter of respect for your nation, caste, place, and society, but it will also open doors of success for others.

Do not overthink about the possibilities of the future. Focus all your attention on the daily tasks. 

When you get used to doing day-to-day work, the chances of future misfortunes disappear automatically.

Whatever is happening, right or wrong, look at it as such work of the universe collaborating with your work, and never be disappointed.

Even after working in the specific direction, if you are not getting those results, be patient; your desired results will be in front of you after some time.

Remember that ample opportunities are connected with your mind, not with the eyes.

In the book “Words of Lincoln”; “Weak people seek safety while strong seek opportunities.”

But how can we apply this in our life? So always remember: Use positive thinking. It’s the only force that makes you rich. Be grateful. The law of gratitude is a principle of action and reaction.

Remember, God wants you to be rich. Get rid of the thought of competition. Do business without deceiving anyone or taking advantage of anyone. 

There is nothing that you cannot have if you work for it. Be a creator, not a competitor. Everything you want can happen to you, and it is also suitable for the people around you. 

We should leave the path of competition to adopt the approach of creativity.

We need to build a personal dream in our mind and continuously nurture it with positive thoughts while increasing the depth of our purpose and belief.

Stay away from negative thoughts until you get the desired results, as it can kill your dream by decreasing your faith.

We have to make efforts to get what we want while staying in the current environment. Soon, everything will start to change automatically according to our thinking.

Thank you, friends. I hope you like these articles. By applying these 16 lessons in your life, I hope you will get both success and money in your life.

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